Records Policy

The purpose of the Records Policy is to maintain the integrity of Emory records for administrative, legal, financial, and historical purposes. A record is any recorded information regardless of media, characteristics, physical form, or means of transmission made or received and maintained by Emory pursuant of its legal obligations or in the transaction of its business.

All records created by persons employed or acting on behalf of Emory in the course of carrying out their responsibilities are property of Emory and not the property of the individual. No records can be destroyed or otherwise disposed of without the consent of the designated Emory official under the terms of an approved records schedule. All records must be scheduled for disposition through the University Records and Information Management Program. Records pertaining to any current or anticipated investigation, legal action or proceeding may not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of, even if the scheduled retention period has expired or the disposition date has arrived. Disposition includes but is not limited to the following actions:

  • Destruction
  • Transfer from one medium to another (i.e. from paper to digital or microfilm)
  • Movement to approved offsite/on site storage
  • Transfer to University Archives (applies only to that small percentage of the University’s records determined to have enduring information or evidential value)