In-Person Training

The courses below are examples, but not an exclusive list of, the types of training available to staff and faculty.

Contact the records manager to schedule training for your group, department, or school.

An Introduction to Records Management (1 hour)

This introductory course will cover the basic tenets of a records management program. Using the records lifecycle as a framework, this class will look at effectively managing records in office, using the University retention schedules, reporting destruction of records, and transferring records with historic value to the University Archives. Audience: All faculty and staff

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind: Off-Site Records Storage (1 hour)

This course will review the procedures for transferring records to off-site storage. Topics include boxing records appropriately, entering required information into Access to ensure boxes are properly identified, and tracking and destroying records when eligible. This class should be completed before an office opens a new account with Access, the University's off-site storage vendor. Audience: New and existing Access customers

To Keep or Not To Keep: Records Disposition (1 hour)

This course will discuss the two methods of record disposition: destruction and transfer to the University Archives. This course will explain and expand on completion of the Destruction Certificate as well as the process for inventorying and transferring records to the University Archives. Audience: All faculty and staff