Department-Specific Training

In addition to the set course content offered to large groups, customized topic-specific training may be offered upon request.

Contact the records manager to request customized training.

Program Overview (15 minutes)

Groups should consider an introduction of records management concepts to leadership before engaging in department-specific training. This includes an introduction to Emory's Records Management Policy 5.21, an overview of the parameters of the program, and an understanding of expectations and available aid. Audience: School or department leadership

Understanding your Records Retention Schedule (30 minutes)

The records manager researches state and federal requirements, professional best practices, and policies set by peer institutions to draft new/updated schedules and/or records series.  All Departments/Offices utilize records that are part of the Records Retention Schedule (RRS). Records and information made, received, or maintained by Emory University or Emory Healthcare pursuant of legal obligations or in the transaction of business must be managed in accordance with these schedules. This course provides a brief overview of the RRS and the records on the RRS that are specific to a particular Department/Office.   Participants will be shown how to apply the RRS to the records they utilize. Participants will also  be able to review and identify incomplete or missing series and potential conflicts with business practices and report to the Records Manager during the session.  In addition, participants will be able to introduce records to the Records Manager for guidance relative to archival candidacy, offsite storage, destruction, and/or digital conversion.  Audience: All faculty and staff