Residence Life and Housing

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Housing Assignment Files

Records that document the assigning of students to University housing. File may include correspondence, list of students, applications for housing, and other related records.

Residental Advisor (RA) Employee Records

Records that document the selection process, requirements, and work history of residential advisors. RA's apply in the Winter Term for the following school year. After preliminary screening and approval applicants are required to enroll in a course designed for potential RA's taught by student housing staff. Records may include application records; transcripts; recommendations; interviewers' notes; notification letters; contracts which give duties and responsibilities, enrollment hours limitations, and signatures; papers or projects completed in the required RA course; staff evaluations of applicants and term-by-term evaluations of appointees; correspondence; and other related records.

Student Housing Contract Appeal Records

Records that document the disposition of appeals made by residents who have been assessed the standard penalties for failing to follow the terms of their housing/food service contracts. File may include students' appeals stating their reasons for seeking modification of contract terms; decisions from the director of housing, including instructions for further appeal if students have additional relevant information and desire to proceed; correspondence; and other related records.

Student Housing Contract Records

Records that document occupancy in all university-administered housing -- residence halls, family housing, and cooperative housing. File may include residence hall/cooperative house/student family housing applications and contracts; proof of admission records; correspondence; and other related records.

Student Incident Records

Records that document incidents of injury to residence hall occupants, vandalism, and other infractions of housing rules. File may include incident report records usually filed by resident advisors; housing director's written decisions; student appeals of decisions; correspondence; and other related records.