Office of the Registrar

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Catalogues and Bulletins

Records that document the Emory policies and procedures, program requirements, and course offerings. 

Classroom Scheduling Files

Records that documents the formulation of class schedules by academic units for inclusion in the published schedule of classes. File may include the final edition of the schedule of classes booklet, requests from departments for class offerings, deviation from schedule records, copies of course schedule maintenance records, requests for class changes, correspondence, and other related records.

Class Schedules - Students

Records that document list of the classes registered for by an individual student for a particular semester.

Course Schedule Change Records and Data

Records that document student requests to drop/add or withdrawal from an individual class during the semester.

Demographic Reports

Records that document the geographical data on students attending Emory.

Diploma Mailing Verification Records

Records that document students' requests to have diplomas and other graduation records distributed to specific addresses. Records may include signed cards listing permanent addresses for diplomas to be mailed to; indicating that fees have been paid; and listing students' names, college or school within Emory, degrees granted, and dates of requests.

Enrollment Statistical Reports

Records that document enrollment which may be used for planning and research. Reports may include student names and levels, grade point averages, demographic data, academic majors and other related information.

Grade Reports

Records that document grades received by students for the term. This is the record copy of reports distributed to students at the end of each term. Information may include course numbers and titles, grades awarded, grade point average, student name, social security number, university identification number, and other related information.

Grade Sheets/Class Lists

Records that document students enrolled in courses taught at Emory. Information may include test scores, grades, and other related information.

Independent Study Records

Records that document departmental approval for students to enroll in independent study courses. Records may include permission, course names, number of credits, faculty signatures, and other related records

International Student Records

Records that document assistance to international students who have been admitted to academic programs. File may include academic reports from other institutions, admissions, application, immigration issues, copies of visas, scholarship information, evaluations, recommendations, and other related records.

Joint Degree Program Files

Records that document students' admission into a joint degreed program at Emory and their subsequent academic progress resulting in completion of degrees. File may include application into program, standardized placement and evaluation exams, transcripts, and other related records.

Name Change Records

Records that document students or applicants name changes reported to the admissions or registrar's offices by students. Records may include letters requesting change in name, name change records, lists or reports of students with changed names, and other related records.

Registration Records

Records that document student enrollment in classes. File may include add/drop application, class request, and other related records.

Room Scheduling Records

Records that documents room assignments for classes offered during regular terms or during the summer session. File may include room assignment lists and other related records.

Schedule of Classes (Institutional)

No description.

Student Academic Records

Records that document the academic progress of graduate and undergraduate matriculated students at Emory. Records may include transcripts, applications, acceptance and or denial, correspondence, and other related records.

Student Statistical Reports

Records that document student status and enrollment at Emory. Records may include specialized listings and statistical reports pertaining to registration, course changes, add/drops, geographical distribution of students, student age and gender data, mortality of classes, student transfers from other schools, student body grade point averages and GPA's of living groups, and veterans enrollment, reports documenting student and enrollment by term, and other related information.

Supplemental Grade Report Records

Records that document grade changes submitted by instructors through the academic units to the Registrar. Records may include supplemental grade reports, removal of I and E records, and other related records.

Transcript Hold or Encumbering Authorization Records

Records that document holds on transcripts restricting release of the transcript. Information may contain reason hold, specific action needed to release hold, and other related information.

Transcript Request Records

Records that document a students' requests for transcripts to be sent to other institutions. Information may include student's present name and other name(s) under which the student attended; social security number; home address; phone number; student signature; number of copies of transcript requested; fee status; whether official or unofficial transcripts are desired; date of request; destination(s) of transcript(s); and other related information.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Records

Records that document information concerning transfer credit evaluations and equivalents from other colleges and universities. File may include correspondence, description of course, credit earned and other related records.

Veterans Records

Records that document the entitlement status and enrollment of veterans at Emory. Records may include individual eligibility for educational benefits, curriculum qualification, attendance reports, and other related records.

Withdrawal Records and Data

Records that document student request for withdrawal from all registered classes for the semester.