Police Department

Maintainer's Website: http://www.campserv.emory.edu/public-safety/police/index.html

Alarm Test/Maintenance Files

Records that document test and maintenance work performed on automatic fire alarm systems.

Ambulance Service Activity Reports

Records that document patient vital statistics from the point at which the ambulance picks the individual up to the hospital.

Arrest and Booking Summary Statistics Files

Includes a summary of daily, monthly and yearly totals of arrests. Usually filed chronologically by date.

Arrest Records

Records that document the date and time of arrest, arrestees name, address and personal information, location of arrest, and for what they are arrested.

Arrest Warrant, Executed Records

A summons for an individual who has not appeared in court for sentencing or payment of fines. Includes name of party, ticket number, amount of fine, charge, address of defendant, and date of birth. Usually filed alphabetically by name.

Arrest Warrant, Open

A summons for an individual who has not appeared in court for sentencing or payment of fines. Includes name of party, ticket number, amount of fine, charge, address of defendant, and date of birth. Usually filed alphabetically by name.

Breath Test Report Records (Negative)

Records that document individuals given a breath test to determine his/her alcohol level.

Breath Test Report Records (Positive)

Records that document individuals given a breath test to determine his/her alcohol level.

Campus Security Policies and Reports

Records that document the University compliance with the Clery Act requirments. Policies may include possession, use and sale of alcohol and drugs; campus security policies and procedures for law enforcement, access to campus, and reporting crimes; and other related records. Statistical reports may include Campus Crime Statistics, Campus Sex Crimes, and Drug Free Campus. Information may include major crimes that occurred; arrests; liquor law violations, drug abuse violations, and weapon possessions.

Crime Incident Statistical Records

A record summarizing crime statistics within the Emory community for each month generally showing date, names of employees in each division, statistics of cases made of felonies, misdemeanors, driving under the influence, and speeding. Included are reportable and nonreportable driving accidents, fatalities and injuries in all accidents, criminal investigations and other activities such as calls answered, patrol miles, etc. Also shows year-to-date figures. Attached are reports from internal divisions as support to the summarized report. Also annual summary report is issued. Used as an internal record for current and comparative statistical use. Usually arranged chronologically by date.

Crisis or Disaster Records

Records that document the events and damages to Emory property due to storms, riots, fires, droughts, floods, and other events affecting staff, faculty, students, patients, guests, and facilities within the jurisdiction of Emory. File may include logs, reports, photographs, notes, correspondence, and other related records.

Daily Activity Reports

Daily reports of activity per shift per officer. May also include officer's summary of status of cases. Generally includes case number, kind of case, date, amount stolen or recovered, name, sex, date of birth, address of arrested persons. Also may show detective's name, shift, vehicle number, date, case number, type of case, victim, property stolen, property recovered, arrests, total hours, off duty, administrative time, investigative time, public relations, crime prevention, training time. Usually filed chronologically by date.

Disaster Plan Records

Records that document an approved plan for response to natural and man made disasters. File may include supporting papers such as evaluation plans, emergency reserve plans, medical treatment plans, notification plans made in conjunction with area hospitals and other related records.

Fire/Arson Inspection Reports

Records that document investigations of the cause and origin of fires in order to determine criminal intent.

Fire Alarm and Drill Records

Records that document response to any alarm that is activated on campus. File may include when and where the incident occurred; specific response; reset time; and rewind time, if appropriate.

Fire Incident Reports

Records that document fires and related damage.

Fire Prevention Planning Records

Records that document information about structures, occupants and hazardous material with corresponding drawings and floor plans. May indicate type of construction, percentage of combustible construction, year of construction, type of structure, stairways, floor openings, roof coverings, alarm systems, obstacles, number of occupants, furnishings, number of placement of extinguishers, types of materials used, type of hazard and precautions, property name and address, responsible party, emergency contracts and telephone number and other related records.

Incident and Offense Reports

Records that document incidents/offenses that occur on the university campus and surrounding streets that violate university and/or local laws and regulations. These records contain the case number, type of report, date, time, complainant or victim, address and details of report.

Incident Records

Records that document the reporting or investigation of an incident involving employees or facilities of a unit by Emory police department. File may include correspondence, reports, and other related records.

Internal Investigation Case Files

Files document investigations of police misconduct or other internal matters. Includes the same information contained in investigation case files. May also include interviews and any criminal report that results in lawsuits, including litigation and work papers. Usually filed alphabetically by name of party under investigation.

Investigation Logs

Records that document the chronological listing of investigation.

Key Insurance Records

Records that document key assignments and deposits (if applicable) for university faculty, staff, students, and others using the university's facilities. File may include key pinning sequence records; key issue approval records; return records; key inventories; and other related records.

Parking Ticket Log

Records that document parking violators. Information may include model of vehicle, date ticket was issued, license plate number, ticket number, receipt number, date paid and name of vehicle owner. Usually filed chronologically by date ticket was issued.

Radio Control Logs

Records that document the first official report of a fire or incident from incoming radio calls.

Radio Dispatch Logs

A daily log of all incoming radio call received, location of dispatch, time of dispatch, and message. May also include car number that answered call and time car arrived on the scene. Usually filed chronologically by date.

Security Records

Records that document reporting of suspicious and criminal incidents. Records may include incident reports containing names, dates, case numbers, dollar values, locations, descriptions of incident, and personnel taking report; identification cards created when reports of suspicious behavior are made to the office; warnings records; copies of reports filed by law enforcement agencies; notes; and other related records.

Security Surveillance

No description.

Shuttle Daily Dispatch Logs

No description.

Subpoena Logs

Records that document a command to appear at a certain time and place to give testimony upon a certain matter. File may include correspondence, court documents and other related records.

Traffic Citation Log

Records that document parking tickets and other traffic citations issued along with court dates and associated fines.

Vehicle Accident Records

Records that document accidents involving vehicles owned by the university. File may include vehicle accident reports; vehicle accident claims; damage or loss of state property reports; correspondence; and other related records. Information may include: vehicle type and identification number; name of party using the vehicle; notation of condition before and after use; and authorizing signatures.

Vehicle Emergency Assistance Records

Records that document vehicle assistance and a waiver of responsibility in the event that a police officer is asked to render assistance to faculty, staff, and students with a broken down vehicle (flat tire, dead battery, and engine trouble) or who have locked their keys in a car.

Wrecker Service Towing Records

Reports that document the location of cars to be towed and naming the wrecker service used. Information may include model of vehicle, year, color, tag number, location, reason for service, time, and garage to which towed. Usually arranged chronologically.