Facilities Management

Maintainer's Website: http://www.campserv.emory.edu/facilities_management/

Building Plans and Specifications

No description.

Chemical Application Records

Records that documents the application of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to Emory property. Information may include date used, weather conditions, application area, chemical applied, mix ratio, coverage rate, and other related information.

Cleaning Logs

No description.

Cleaning Records

No description.

Emergency Generators

No description.

Inspection Records

Records that document inspection of the facilities, vehicles, and equipment. 


Records that document agreements made by an agency for the transfer of the right to possession and use (but not sale) of goods or property for a specified term. Records may include copies of lease agreements and amendments or addenda. Leases are typically for office space, equipment, real estate, or facilities.

Parking Permit Records

Records that document the issuance of permits for on-campus parking. File may include annual permit cards; temporary permits; parking permits reports; and other related records.

Property Disposition Request Records

Records that document the custodial units' requests to change the status of Emory-owned property. A status change may consist of declaring an item surplus, salvage or scrap, lost or stolen, transferred, traded in, or some other classification. File may includes property disposition requests records, correspondence, and other related records.

Surplus Property Records

Records that documents changes in Emory owned property; requests to declare items surplus, salvage, or scrap; removal and sale or disposal of excess equipment and other surplus items including proceeds from sales. File may include surplus property declaration and pick-up requests; quarterly reports of sales to other departments, or private parties; descriptive information; property sale flyers; surplus property sales inventory lists; bills of sale; cash receipts; correspondence; and other related records.

Utilities Systems Operating and Maintenance Records

Records that document the operations and maintenance of utilities. File may include equipment operations logs, mechanical reading charts, equipment maintenance histories, correspondence, and other related records.

Utility Locate Requests

Records that document the notification of persons anticipating digging on campus property who need to know the locations of underground utility lines. Request information may include date and location of the work; instructions; contact person; and other related information.

Vehicle Title Records

Records that document Emory ownership of vehicles. File may include title application materials and titles.

Work Orders Records

Records that document request and authorizations for needed services and/or repairs to Emory property and equipment. File may include copy of work order, change orders, maintenance and repair authorizations, and other related records.