Office of Equity and Inclusion

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Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Records

Records that document Emory's compliance with regulations of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission including affirmative action. Records may include mission, goal, and policy statements, plans showing how compliance will be accomplished and updates, reports, correspondence and other related records.

Affirmative Action Audits and Annual Reports

Records that documents the university's response to federal program reviews, state compliance audits, annual reporting requirements, and internal audits. File may include audit reports; written responses showing how compliance will be accomplished; Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-6) Reports; Vets 100 Employment Reports; correspondence; and other related records.

Affirmative Action Compliance Records

Records that documents Affirmative Action's development, efforts, and accomplishments in complying with the federally mandated statewide plan for implementing equal employment opportunities for individuals within groups which have been deemed as suffering from employment discrimination. File may include plans and policy statements; reports; mission and goals; compliance data; guidelines; complaints; correspondence; and other related records.

Employee Grievance Records

Records that document grievances brought forward by faculty and staff against an unit which are resolved without litigation. Grievances may pertain to personnel policies and procedures; unit issues; affirmative action and equal opportunity issues; and promotion and tenure issues. File may include notices of grievance; informal discussion notes; grievance responses; formal hearing notes (including audio tapes); final summary statements; appeals documentation; correspondence; and other related records.

Equal Opportunity Complaints

Records that document a complaint filed against Emory relating to an employment issue. Records may include correspondence, reports, notices, and other related records. 

Reasonable Accommodation Request Records

Records that document employee and student request for a change in the work and or educational environment or in the way things are customarily done that would enable an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment or learning opportunities. File may include request approvals and denials, correspondence, medical documentation and other related records.