Environmental Health and Safety Office

Maintainer's Website: http://www.ehso.emory.edu/

Accident and Injury Records

This series documents claims made by faculty and staff for occupational injuries, accidents, or illnesses, including workers compensation claims not related to hazardous or toxic material exposure. This series may include, but is not limited to: workers compensation accident reports; Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); incident logs; employer payroll reports; hearing transcripts; notices of claim disposition; determination orders; opinions and orders; appeal letters; claim adjustment documentation; medical reports; cost statements; records of insurance coverage and reimbursement; and reports of safety analysis and compliance inspections.

Asbestos Records

This series documents surveys and plans to correct asbestos material hazards. This series may include, but is not limited to: surveys; monitoring tests and reports; data forms building plans; correction checklists; and removal records.

Chemical and Hazardous Waste Disposal Records

This series documents the receipt, shipment, and disposal of chemical material or hazardous waste. This series may include, but is not limited to: chemical and waste inspection forms; drum packing sheets; Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest forms (EPA 8700); vendor certificates of disposal; land disposal notifications; and waste disposal records.

Environmental Health and Safety Training Records

This series documents employee training and certification such as for equipment operation, hazardous material handling and emergency procedures, driver training, CPR and first aid training, and asbestos awareness training for removal, abatement, or transportation. This series may include, but is not limited to: sign off sheets indicating that employees have received training; and instruction sheets.

Environmental Regulation Reports

This series documents compliance with environmental laws and guidelines set by federal, state, or local government such as the regional air pollution authority, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Georgia Environmental Protection Division. This series may include, but is not limited to: Title V air discharge permits and air quality reports; waste water discharge applications and permits; water quality reports; and notices of violation and non-compliance.

Hazardous Materials

This series documents off-site shipping of hazardous materials.

Inspection Records

This series documents inspections done by various agencies in the course of routine business and is used to correct and analyze safety problems and to document compliance with regulations. This series may include, but is not limited to: inspection sheets which show date of inspection, notation of violations, and suggested corrective measures; and reports acknowledging compliance with regulations.

Material Safety Data Sheet Records

This series documents the university's hazardous chemicals as mandated by the Hazardous Communications Program of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This series may include, but is not limited to: safety data sheets which list chemical name, description, composition, intended use, flash point, transportation, hazards, safe handling, and extinguishing methods.

Radiation Licensing Records

This series documents licensing to receive, use, store, dispose of, and ship radioactive materials and to provide a record of the reception, handling, shipment, and disposal of radioactive material or radioactive hazardous wastes. This series may include, but is not limited to: waste material pick up requests and tags; radioactive waste drum inventory forms; uniform hazardous waste manifest forms; radiation waste shipment and disposal manifest forms; radiation material inventory sheets; radiation material shipment receipt record forms; waste disposal record cards; disposal site letters of arrival acknowledgment; and sewered radioactive material log sheets.

Radiation Monitoring and Exposure Records

This series documents radiation testing and monitoring of employees, visitors, facilities, and the surrounding environment. This series may include, but is not limited to: dosimeter reports; exposure history; statement of occupational radiation dosage; and procurement for material records.

Radiation Safety Committee Records

This series documents the establishment of policy and procedure of the Radiation Safety Office. This series may include, but is not limited to: agendas, minutes, and reports.

Research Review Boards, Committees, and Councils

This series documents the activities of Emory committees, councils, and boards that review, approve, and monitor research, such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Institutional Biosafety Committee (RDNA and Synthetic Nucleic Acid Research). This series may include, but is not limited to: applications for research support, meeting agendas and minutes, funding summaries, award letters, signed consent records, sample questionnaires or surveys, copies of grant proposals, and final research reports.