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Emory Alumnus

A publication that provide information to alumni regarding University events, research, alumni, and other related issues.

Film, Videotapes, and Sound Records

Records that document visual and/or aural documentation of Emory activities and events including intercollegiate athletics, students, faculty, and staff with significant relevance to either to Emory or individual unit's function and mission. These productions may have been created for recruitment and orientation, fund-raising, publicity, research, or teaching. File may include identified and unidentified videotapes; motion picture films; phonographic recordings (16, 33, 45, and 78 RPM formats); audio tapes (all formats); compact audio discs; and transcriptions when available. NOTE: Contingencies should be made for transferring information to a more stable medium or migration strategies.

Ordering Records

Records that document continuing requests for publications produced by an unit. File may include lists indicating the name and address of the requestor, book titles, transaction date, invoice number, correspondence, and other related records.

Publications Inventory Records

Records that document publications in stock in an unit. Information publication title, date, volume, retail cost, and other related information..

Public Relations Records

Records that document events, people, and other activities at Emory. File may include newspaper clippings, photographs, working papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other related records.

Radio and Television Advertisements

Records that document advertisements used in the media fields of radio and television for the promotion of Emory healthcare system.

Sample Publications and John Specification Records

Records that document record of specifications used in setting up publications for printing by the university's publications office. File may include job cards indicating description, specifications, and dollar cost of production; art work including drawings, maps, and blueprints; samples of changes made to publications; completed publications; correspondence; and other related records.

Trademarks Licensing Records

This series documents the protection and control of Emory University's name, logos, symbols, and registered trademarks. This series may include, but is not limited to: approved licensees; annual gross dollar sales of Emory trademarked items; invoices showing royalties paid use of the trademarks; licensing agreements; and samples of requesting licensees' art work.


Records that document the activities and events of Emory during the school year.