Special Academic Program Records

Records that documents the administrative activities of special academic programs serving and aiding university students. Programs may include international student program; National Student Exchange (NSE) program; English language programs; honors programs; minority scholars programs; minority student recruitment programs; disabled student programs; non-traditional student programs; educational opportunities programs; older than average student programs; study abroad programs; and other special academic programs. File may include policy and program planning and development documentation; explanatory materials on the program; duplication of evaluations of courses, support services, and instructors; duplication of program course outlines; program participation and aid selection records; correspondence, and other related records.


Academic Affairs

Retention Period

Retain final reports permanently; Retain all other records for five years after creation then dispose of.

Disposition Instructions

Confidential destruction is required. Paper must be shredded, pulped, or incinerated; electronic records must be overwritten or the storage media physically destroyed. Deletion of information in computer files or on electronic storage media is not sufficient.

Last Updated: December 31, 2008