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This series documents the advertisement, recruitment, and selection of faculty, staff, and student positions. This series may include, but is not limited to: requests to fill forms; funding information; approvals of recruitment proposals; position announcements and descriptions; applications; curriculum vitae or resumes; academic transcripts; samples of writing or publications; candidate lists; certificate of eligible; affirmative action compliance data forms; telephone conversation notes; rating sheets, tallies, screening and interview notes; reference and background checks; and review committee notes.




Human Resources, Office of Equity and Inclusion

Retention Period

Retain 3 years from end of fiscal year.


29 CFR 1620.32; 29 CFR 1602.48

Disposition Instructions

Confidential destruction is required. Paper must be shredded; electronic records must be overwritten or the storage media physically destroyed. Deletion of information in computer files or on electronic storage media is not sufficient.

Last Updated: May 31, 2017