Institutional Planning Records

Records that document unit's role in the development of short-term or long-term plans for Emory. File may include instructions from the president, provosts, and/or vice provosts explaining the nature and purpose of the requested strategic planning effort; internal planning committee materials; statements of objectives and goals as developed by college or unit chairs and administrators; proposals; strategic planning reports; surveys; activity reports; informational materials; working papers; correspondence; and other related records.




Office of the Secretary

Retention Period

Permanent for final planning reports, proposals, goal and objective statements, and instructions and explanations of process; Retain internal planning committee materials, surveys, activity reports, working papers, informational materials, and correspondence for current year plus five years then dispose of.

Disposition Instructions

Confidential destruction is required. Paper must be shredded, pulped, or incinerated; electronic records must be overwritten or the storage media physically destroyed. Deletion of information in computer files or on electronic storage media is not sufficient.

Last Updated: December 31, 2008