Deaccession Records

Records that document recommendations concerning deaccessioning of specific holdings and action upon those recommendations. File may include transfer records to transfer ownership/custody of materials held within Emory collections to other institutions; deaccessioning documentation which lists the artifacts by acquisition numbers and descriptions, names of persons making deaccession recommendations and dates, reasons for deaccessioning, documentation that legal searches of donor records have been done to establish that Emory is not precluded from deaccessioning and to establish whether the donors are still living, appraised values (including whether these are estimates or have been appraised), signatures of approval for deaccessioning and dates, and dispositions of materials and dates; deaccessioning and weeding listings; reports of deaccessioning; correspondence; and other related records.


Libraries, Archives, and Museum


Emory Libraries

Retention Period


Disposition Instructions

Records are not eligible for transfer to the University Archives and must be kept by the maintainer permanently.

Last Updated: December 31, 2008