Collection and Artifact Acquisition and Exchange Records

Records that document the acquision, accessioning, use, preservation, storage, transfer and disposition of artifacts and collections at Emory museum, libraries, MARBL, and archives. File may include a log that lists the date of acquisition, acquisition/accession numbers assigned, brief descriptions of artifacts or collections, and donor names; gift receipt records or other acquisition records that list detailed descriptions of artifacts, donors' name(s), addresses, telephone numbers, acquisition numbers, and values (if known); cataloging worksheets listing acquisition numbers, identification and provenance of artifacts or collections, description of artifacts, and donor/owner names and addresses; deed of gift listing transfer of legal ownership or custody of artifacts or collections, their descriptions and conditions, declarations as lawful owners of the property, and signatures and dates of transfer; information regarding each acquired item arranged by nomenclature, its arrangement, and acquisition number sequence; correspondence; copyright and citation information; and other related records. 


Libraries, Archives, and Museum


Emory Libraries

Retention Period


Disposition Instructions

Records are not eligible for transfer to the University Archives and must be kept by the maintainer permanently.

Last Updated: December 31, 2008