Annual Fund Drive Records

Records that document the plan, arrangements, and results of annual athletic fund drives. File may include brochures, prize lists, pledge cards, mailing arrangements, reports, fiscal summaries, and other related records.

Athletic Insurance Records

Records that document medical treatment services rendered off campus for practice or playing related injuries or illnesses which are eligible for partial payment by intercollegiate athletic insurance. File may include copies of policies, accident reports, notes, claim records, correspondence, payment of insurance records, and other related records.

Athletic Scholarship and Grant-In-Aid Award Records

Records that document player eligibility and receipt of financial aid. Records may include squad lists, conference eligibility reports, team roster updates, scholarship count, applications, nominee lists, eligibility questionnaires, eligibility reports, correspondence, and other related records.

Athletics Eligibility Records

Records that document verification by intercollegiate athletics of student athletics' academic progress to the NCAA or NAIA. 

Claims Payment Records

Records that document the verification and payment of secondary coverage insurance claims of injured student athletics. File may include lists or requests for cliams payment; transmittal letters for reimbursement of the university; proof of loss records; intercollegiate athletic reports; payment amounts; and other related records.

Competition Reports

Records that document a summary record of individual games and competions and is used to comply with NCAA and NAIA reporting requirements for both revenue and non-revenue producing sports. Information may include sport name; opponent name; date; event location; final score; player names and positions; time played per athlete; signature of the head coach or athletic director; and other related information.

Game Arrangement Records

Records that document arangements made for and the schedules of past games. File may include team practice schedules; team position assignments/depth charts; itineraries; bus lists; notes; and other related records.

Game Officials' Evaluation Reports

Records that document the head coach's evaluation of judging officials' performance at individual athletic games. Information may include team names, site, game date, judging officials' names, evaluative scores, comments, and other related information

Game Statistics

Records that document the practice, playing, and attendance statistics about each game and the season for each sport by playing year. File may include player academic statistics, attendance figures, player training charts, season and game player statistics, recruitment records, rankings, awards information, NAIA and NCAA game statistics, and other related statistics.

Individual Athletes Records

Records that document the athletic history of each athlete who has competed at Emory University. Records may include academic major information including performance reports, admissions verification reports, academic transcripts, and financial aide information; recruitment information; media articles; photographs; release of information; personal data questionnaires; records of awards; and other related records.

Intramural Sports Waivers

Records that document the legally and medically informed status of students, faculty, and staff participating in intramural sport activities. The waiver affirms that participants have been informed that they are not covered by the university for injury or other medical situations and have been advised to seek private insurance.

Photographs and Film

Records that document photographs and films taken during games, tournaments, and practice sessions.

Play Books

Records that document strategies, practice time and game plays for each game and season. Information may include practice plans, game plans, game results, and other related information.

Positive Drug Test Records

Records that document student athletics positive results of drug testing done. File may include lab reports; interpretations; and other related records.

Practice Schedule Records

Records that document practice time for athletic teams and assist in complying with NCAA, NAIA, and conference rules and regulations. File may include team rosters indicating time spent in practices, meetings, training and conditioning, competition, and other related records.

Recruiting Records

Records that document the recruitment of athletes into the university's intercollegiate athletics program. File may include questionnaire that contains personal, scholastic, general, and transcript release information, information for Certification of NCAA Freshman Athletics Eligibility Compliance, letters of intent, copies of admissions records, performance reports, notes, and other related records.

Scheduling Records

Records that document competition schedules set up with other institutions by coaches and the athletic director. File may include correspondence, notes, contracts, final schedules, and other related records.

Sports Merchandising Records

Records that document the sale of university and NCAA or NAIA - licensed merchandise at sporting events. File may include sales reports; merchandise comment sheets; and other related records.

Student Athletes Academic Advising Records

Records that document academic advising of prospective and current student athletes, provides records of academic progress while students are involved in athletic programs at the institution, and complies with NCAA, NAIA and conference reporting requirements. Records may include letters of intent, renewals of letters of intent, transcripts, grade reports, petitions, academic evaluations, advanced standing reports, advisors' report sheets showing progress towards academic degree, program planning sheets, NCAA Progress Reports, students' requests for release from athletic programs, correspondence, and other related records.

Student Athletes Dining Rosters

Records that document meals consumed by student athletes as part of training.