Alumni and Public Relations

Alumni Association Records

Records that document the activities of the alumni association. The Association is responsible for promoting the interests and ideals of the university; stimulating and encouraging school pride in students, graduates, and former students; and developing a sense of responsibility for continued progress in educational programs for the university. File may include agendas; minutes; reports; notes; working papers; correspondence; and other related records.

Alumni Mailing List Records

Records that document the whereabouts of alumni for information request and mailing purposes. File may include mailing lists, correspondence, and other related records.

Alumni Records

Records that document information on alumni. Records are maintain in a database which contains images. Information may include names, addresses, employer names and addresses, positions, degrees, and other related information.

Alumni Rosters

Records that document graduated classes by date of graduation.

Biographical Records

Records that document biographical data on various person(s) with connections with Emory. The records are used for public information releases and reference to provide responses to inquiries. File may include biographical sketches developed by the office of employment, the individuals concerned, or other sources; vitae; photographs; personal history data sheets; newspaper clippings; retirement notices; funeral programs; obituaries; and other related records.

Class Gift Records

Records that document a record of gifts given to the university by senior classes. File may include gift lists, gift histories, a record of gift placement arrangements, correspondence, and other related records.

Colleges/Schools/University History Records

Records that document record of the historical development of the university; units within the university; and organizations associated with the university, such as honor societies, fraternities and sororities, and student/faculty/staff clubs. File may include newspaper clippings; photographs; published and unpublished historical sketches; publications; statistics; ephemera; correspondence; and other related records.

Development Records

Records that document Emory operations relating to fundraising, donor identification and solicitation, corporate campaigns, gift planning and external promotions. File may include correspondence, reports, special events records, donor records, contribution lists, grant proposals, publication, newsletters, and other related records.

Donor and Development Records

Records that document the efforts of Development Office to establish relationships with alumni, the community groups, individuals, and businesses, to gain their assistance with the development and coordination of institutional programs. File may include reports, brochures, newsletters or publications, agendas, minutes, correspondence, and other related records

Donor Visitation Records

Records that document visits paid to donors and prospective donors. File may include travel plans, copies of receipts, accommodations, and other related records.

Emory Alumnus

A publication that provide information to alumni regarding University events, research, alumni, and other related issues.

Endowed Account Reports

Records that document the responses to inquiries for evidence of employment from offices within the university, banks, and credit agencies, government agencies, businesses, and current and former personnel. Records may include copies of written requests; release of information authorization records; telephone request records, office control documents; statistical summaries; correspondence; and other related records.

Endowed Scholarship Records

Records that document endowed scholarship to eligible students. File may include scholarship requirements, recipient application, financial information and other related records.

Endowed Scholarship Reports

Records that document expenditures of an endowed scholarship. Information may include account number, to date account balance, date, and other related information.

Endowment and Trust Fund Agreements

Records that document how monies are to be used in accordance to the endowment or trust fund. File may include the agreements, correspondence, and other related records.

Film, Videotapes, and Sound Records

Records that document visual and/or aural documentation of Emory activities and events including intercollegiate athletics, students, faculty, and staff with significant relevance to either to Emory or individual unit's function and mission. These productions may have been created for recruitment and orientation, fund-raising, publicity, research, or teaching. File may include identified and unidentified videotapes; motion picture films; phonographic recordings (16, 33, 45, and 78 RPM formats); audio tapes (all formats); compact audio discs; and transcriptions when available. NOTE: Contingencies should be made for transferring information to a more stable medium or migration strategies.

Fund Raising Records

Records that document Emory efforts to raise funds to support program functions and facilities. File may include requests for fund-raising; individual benefactors and prospective donors files; public relations records; event planning and arrangement records; gift history reports; background on previous donations; pledges; correspondence; and other related records.

Gift Records

Records that document potential or realized private, or corporate, funding to the institution, including endowments and trusts. This series may include award guidelines, letters and agreements of gifts, copies of bequest instruments and wills from individuals or estates, financial statements and reports, correspondence; and other related records.

Giving Reports

Records that document the amount of money an individual has donated to Emory. Information may include name, monies, identification number, fund, date and other related information.

Ordering Records

Records that document continuing requests for publications produced by an unit. File may include lists indicating the name and address of the requestor, book titles, transaction date, invoice number, correspondence, and other related records.

Oxford Clubs

Records that document clubs that have been established in various counties for Oxford alumnus. File may include correspondence, rosters, event information, and other related records.


Records that document publications produced by units. It may be used to document the activities of the unit, for educational purposes and/or for informational purposes. Types of publications may include catalogs, books, magazines, newsletters, handbooks, yearbooks, directories, brochures, pamphlets, media guides, guidebooks, proceedings, programs, and flyers. File may include working papers, mock-ups, drafts, and final publications.

Publications Inventory Records

Records that document publications in stock in an unit. Information publication title, date, volume, retail cost, and other related information..

Public Relations Records

Records that document events, people, and other activities at Emory. File may include newspaper clippings, photographs, working papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other related records.

Radio and Television Advertisements

Records that document advertisements used in the media fields of radio and television for the promotion of Emory healthcare system.

Sample Publications and John Specification Records

Records that document record of specifications used in setting up publications for printing by the university's publications office. File may include job cards indicating description, specifications, and dollar cost of production; art work including drawings, maps, and blueprints; samples of changes made to publications; completed publications; correspondence; and other related records.

Scholarship Reports

Records that document the recipients of scholarships at Emory. Records may include information regarding the names of recipients; when they received the scholarships; names of scholarships; dollar value of scholarships; years recipients entered and graduated; and other related records.


Records that document the activities and events of Emory during the school year.