Off-Site Records Storage

A contract is in place with Access Information Management to provide off-site records storage.

Refer to the user guide for detailed information on using the vendor's web portal. All boxes sent off-site, and requests for retrieval, must be done through FileBridge. Users cannot send or retrieve boxes by email or phone.

Contact the records manager to add or remove users, establish a new account, or make changes to an existing account.

Box Specifications

Purchase boxes that:

  • Are one cubic-foot size, with 15" x 12" x 10" internal dimensions
  • Are heavy duty, allowing them to hold 50 pounds
  • Have double-wall construction with a removable top and handholds cut into each end
  • Are interlocking with no staples or tape required for set up

Boxes can be purchased from Staples through Emory Express.

All records placed in a box must belong to same records series and be eligible for destruction at the same time. Leave about one inch of space so files can be easily removed and replaced. The box cannot bulge, and lids must fit correctly. Do not place records in hanging file folders within the box and do not send damaged boxes, such as those that are crushed or have ripped handles.

Apply the vendor's box barcodes to a 12" side of the box, in the bottom right-hand corner, approximately 1" from the bottom and 1" from the side.

Create an Account

In order to establish a new account, you must complete the following paperwork and submit to the records manager. All forms are in fillable PDF format and should be submitted as such.

  1. New Account Setup Form
  2. Pickup and Delivery Site Form

Emory University users must also submit:

  1. Credit Card Authorization Form

Authorize Users

Complete and submit the Client Authorization Form to the records manager. The form is in fillable Word format and should be submitted as such.

Limit the number of people with access to the smallest amount practical for business purposes. Notify the records manager when employees depart so their access can be revoked.

Add Boxes to Inventory

Before a box can be sent off-site, it must be entered into inventory. To add a box to inventory, users must first order barcodes from FileBridge.

Boxes added to a University account must include at a minimum:

  1. Box Barcode #
  2. Short Description
  3. Content Range Begin
  4. Content Range End
  5. From Date
  6. To Date
  7. Retention Review Date

Boxes added to a Healthcare account must include at a minimum:

  1. Box Barcode #
  2. Short Description
  3. Retention Review Date

As boxes are added to inventory, they're placed in the shopping cart. Users can create a pick up work order from within the shopping cart. Access will not schedule a box pick up by phone, fax, or email.

Request Boxes

All box requests must be placed through FileBridge. Access will not accept box requests by phone, fax, or email. 

Requests are automatically processed for standard delivery. To request faster delivery, email a copy of the work order to Access client support.

  • Standard: Orders placed by 3pm will be delivered by 5pm the next day.
  • Same Day: Orders placed by 11am will be delivered by 5pm the same day.
  • Rush: Orders placed before 3pm will be delivered within 3 hours. Orders placed after 3pm will be delivered by 10am the next day.

Processing Access (Off-Site Storage) Payments


The records manger is your point of contact for all account issues, including establishing or modifying a department, site, or user.

For support logging into FileBridge after the records manager has established your user account, contact Access client support.