Transfer to Archives

Emory University administrative units, schools, and departments wishing to deposit records in the Archives should follow the framework below to arrange the transfer.

Alumni, students, and friends of the University interested in donating material to the Archives should contact the University archivist to discuss a donation.

Transfering Records

  1. Refer to the Emory University Archives Collecting Policy for information about the kinds of materials the University Archives collects, including a detailed list of the types of records that generally are and are not collected.
  2. Contact the University archivist to discuss your material and the details of your transfer. Remember to communicate about any electronic records to be transferred.
  3. Prepare your materials for transfer by packing them in boxes. Boxes can be purchased through the Emory Marketplace. Look for lid-off storage boxes at approximately 10 x 12 x 15 inches.
  4. Complete the Records Transmittal Form to authorize transfer of records.
  5. Complete a records inventory identifying the contents of all boxes to transfer.
  6. Contact the University archivist to arrange the physical transfer of boxes.

With time, records in the Emory University Archives are processed and made available to researchers. You can browse Emory's finding aids for examples of how collections are arranged and described.

Refer to the Emory University Archives Access Policy for more information about how the University Archives handles student and financial information.