Deposit Statements

Records that document financial transactions between a bank and an unit. File may include correspondence, bank statement and other related records.

University Categories: 
Official records are maintained by:
Official maintainer (unit): 
Retention Period: 
Retain for current year plus two years then dispose of.
State Citation: 
O.C.G.A. 10-11-2
Disposition Instructions:
Confidential destruction is required for all records media, which may include but are not limited to electronic, paper, audio, etc. Electronic records must be scrubbed from systems, including but not limited to all portable electronic devices, servers, hard drives, etc. to ensure disposition of records. Go to for further information on confidential destruction of records.

The "Official Copy" designation identifies the unit with the primary responsibility for that record at Emory. The "Other Copy" designation refers to additional copies of the record, which may be held in units other than the official record holder. Retention periods which end with "Transfer to the University Archives" or "Transfer to University Archives for Review" refer to those items which may have historical value and should be preserved. Rather than disposing of these records at the end of their retention period, they should be transferred to the University Archives.